Solar panels

Tracking solar panels …MNRE guidelines for Grid connected implementations.
 We provide turnkey solutions for tracking and identification of panels in Power grids using RFID tags. We integrate flash testers/ sun simulators to RFID reader/writers to write data as per MNRE guidelines during panel manufacturing.
RFID  for manufacturing process optimization
Manufacturing industry strives for the effective and efficient utilization of its resources for its business success. Monitoring the Work In progress at regular intervals with speedy and reliable data collection is one of the ways to make it possible for a manufacturing facility to utilize its resources at optimum level and increase the visibility of the processes at all levels. We have complete knowledge of manufacturing process flow to automate and deploy RFID technology for event driven data capture to facilitate the production management.
Benefits Delivered:
1.Effective Cost Controlling as the data is readily available at each phase in the manufacturing.
2.Better Quality Control measures can be taken as the processes become more visible with RFID.
3.Opportunity for improving efficiency of the processes.
4.Eliminates human errors as it automates the processes.

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