Internet of things

The Internet of Things takes physical objects, connects them to the Internet, and allows them to be read and controlled remotely. Collecting this intelligence isn’t enough. we have to understand the underlying importance of the event.
The data from connected devices becomes useful when it’s processed with applications and cloud services that help you analyze and take timely action. It enables businesses the power to continuously improve their operations and interactions with customers, and there by improve revenue.
Health care applications: to alert and send auto messages for intervention by physicians based on multiple sensor input analysis
Street lights, waste, traffic congestion, smart metering, Disaster management
Evolving Smart Logistics, smart cities
Smart Airport networks
Smart Transport networks
Smart Retail networks
Smart waste management networks
Smart courier networks
Smart Toll networks
Smart cities.. One world..Internet of things… connected world
School bus alerts
Public transport networks
Smart car intercommunication networks
Smart Gyms
Smart Villages/ Cities

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