About us

We show the same level of commitment to our two lines of business namely Products and Solutions. World class engineers work round the clock to deliver high class products and solutions to companies around the globe. We design and manufacture LF, HF and UHF passive tags. Our R&D teams work on designing and prototyping customizable tags that meet specific customer demands.

Solutions offered by Identium span multiple applications and industries. Some of these include Solar panel tracking, asset tracking, document tracking, animal identification, and Jewelry management. Our multi-vendor approach allows us to focus on providing the best solutions for each project instead of force-fitting a specific vendor’s solution. Our industry focused approach allows us to provide higher quality and more reliable solutions.
From around the world RFID chip foundries, We analyze / bench mark RFID chips in wafer/ COB and module form and test them for ISO standards compliance ( such as 14443 A/B prox, 15693 vicinity,18000-3 and UHF, 18000B,  Gen2 18000-6C, LF 11784/85 FDX A/B, HDX ) and suggest Tag manufacturers various chip options available for design of RFID tags/Cards
Our leadership team has tons of experience backed by credentials that match the best in the world. This team has extensive background in Electronics, IT and Management.



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