RFID technology for marathon/ race timing

watchsocialmediaWhich frequency tags to choose.. LF/HF or UHF?

There is much discussion on which frequency is best suited for logging in the timings during marathon races. The interrogators and the transponders deployed play a key role in the effective data collection. UHF has advantage in collecting information from multiple tags at a time, yet the body fluids and other interference can effect the readings.

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Will NFC become popular soon?


With Governments looking for digital money transactions and averse to print currency notes, NFC Technology can make transactions more secure and faster at point of sale. Credit cards and debit cards issuers should adopt this technology to reduce the long lines  at Point of sale counters in super markets. Present chip card technology in use is taking more time for each transaction at the counters, though it improved the security of transactions.

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Swachh Bharat… How technologies can help the movement


India is not as cool  and clean as Switzerland, where swatches are made, in weather and cleanliness terms. Collective involvement of citizens can transform the scenario from present chaos. It is sad that prime minister has to leave his busy schedules and handle broom to show us what cleanliness is. It’s a known thing that Indians aren’t too big on cleaning up after ourselves: While we enjoy the reputation of talking about purity and cleanliness,we always depended on regular army of cleaners/ safai karmacharis to maintain our streets. Public hygiene is at low level, which has put burden on our healthcare budgets, requires gradual transformation and overhaul.

We have to prove wrong, the notion that Indians are too proud to get down and dirty by introducing on demand cleaning services. To augment existing provisions made by municipal authorities, on-demand cleaning start ups can help existing crews and popularize: there isn’t any thing like a menial job to have a breath of fresh air in the city.

An average person consumes 11,000 liters of air (388 cubic feet) in a day and in comparison WHO recommended 7.5 liters of water in a day.

Unlike politicos with jadoo for a photograph, the cleaning staff that are registered to help as the freelance cleaners can become future stake holders of the enterprise.

We use technologies to build sustainable model for Swachh Bharat initiative by Government of India. To Fund the initiative and scale up the operations, Invite us for a presentation. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are welcome.

Metro Automatic fare collection.. 3DES or AES which is more secure?

iloveidentium4There is a need to encrypt financial data when it is transacted over air using AFC systems typically used in contact less card based AFC systems. 3DES and AES systems are deployed in various countries and in India too. AES has better security over 3DES and is more versatile.

The chips used to build the cards and the readers deployed to provide access and transact at entry exit gates should have capability to identify both AES and 3DES based cards.

When specifying and deciding on futuristic and vendor agnostic systems it is preferable to opt for capable systems which identify both versions.

Toll management

Toll tags, life expectancy and read rates

NHAI has mandated use of ISO 18000 6C UHF tags in India specific frequency band 865-867 MHz for toll collection and management of traffic on high ways.

Good installations involve proper positioning of Interrogator antennas and transponders on the wind screens. Since glass is a semi solid material, the absorption of radio waves happen during the process of interrogation.

Write to us for proper installations and interrogator and transponder selection according to the guidelines issued.